Thursday, February 6, 2014

Using a Custom Domain for Your Blog

Using a blog-generated URL is not the putting your best foot forward, and using your own domain is quite simple and affordable.

The first thing to do is to secure a domain name that suits your blog which, in most cases, should be your name. Of course being able to find such domain available, may take some effort.

I was fortunate that was available so—for less than $15 a year—I secured it.

If your blog's subject matter relates to something in particular such as a hobby, for example, you will have to get creative while trying to keep the domain name somewhat short.

A domain name is important, so take your time to get a good and memorable one.

Once you've secured a domain name, the next step is to redirect the blog-assigned sub-domain to yours. I will be using Blogger and GoDaddy as examples. Other provider's ways of making changes will vary, so keep that in mind, but regardless of how you make those changes you will need to modify the A-records (address) and CNAME settings.

The fist step is to login to and open (or "launch") the domains section.

Once there, open the domain details page for the domain you'll be using.

Then click the DNS Zone File so you can make the required changes.

You will need to make changes to the A-records and CNAME sections, following the instructions provided by Blogger (see below),

Make sure to save all the changes and allow a few minutes for them to propagate.

Open a new browser window and login to your Blogger account. Go to the Settings section and, under Basic, click the "Add a custom domain" link.

Type the domain name you want Blogger to redirect to and also check the redirect box so, if someone types your domain name without the "www" it still loads your site. Save all these changes.

You will need to get the Settings Instructions from Blogger so it redirects correctly. Click here for them.

Once you're done, type your domain name in your browser to test it both as and If you made all the necessary changes, it should work flawlessly. Just keep in mind that sometimes changes take a few minutes (or hours) to propagate, but if you followed the instructions, it should work.

Hope this helps!