Friday, January 17, 2014

Now Reading...

I ordered a copy of Google Semantic Search, by David Amerland and I am about halfway through the book and am already recommending it to anyone who has a website, especially an ecommerce store.

The example story of a fictional bakery is pure gold for anyone who wants to make their site reach maximum exposure in the new search world. Granted, it is an extreme example because of the amount of work involved, but the gist of the message is crystal-clear: You, the website owner, will have to get busy in order to shine by making your site an authority in its field.

Gone are the days of stuffing keywords or worrying about the "right keyword density" required to rank on SERPs, as are the "conventional" ways of search engine optimization, and thankfully so.

This is a new day and age, and Google has been hard at work to make gaming of their search algorithms a thing of the past. The new way to optimize a site properly has changed dramatically, especially in a post-Hummingbird world.

See the Search Engine Land article written by Danny Sullivan for more details about Google's Hummingbird algorithm.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Less is More

Website Usability: 

It is a well-known fact that people will scan web pages, instead of reading them from top to bottom, so keep product descriptions brief and to the point. 

Respect your website visitor's time and they will repay you in kindness by considering making a purchase.

  • Use bullet points
  • Use a web-friendly font
  • Experiment with larger fonts
  • Break text blocks into smaller paragraphs
  • Adjust the line spacing (if possible) to avoid packing text lines
  • Don't be afraid of white space

If you have a tip you'd like me to include, please share.

Thank you!