Friday, March 21, 2014

Is SEO Killing E-Commerce?

"Regardless of how many 'right' things you do, there will be one or two or more that will be 'wrong' at some point or another..."

I wrote those words in my latest book, Snake E-Oil: The SEO Swindle, on February of this year, and that trend appears not only to continue, but it seems to be accelerating, as Google continues to find "fault" with marketing approaches that, frankly, do not make any sense to me.

So what are small e-commerce businesses to do?

I think the time has come for small businesses to really rethink their Yahoo! and Bing strategies, or at least start developing them.

I understand that Google is the big gorilla in the room and all that blah, blah, blah, but to continue optimizing a site in order to please Google is—in my opinion—futile! Hmm, that sort of reminds me of the Borg, but I digress.

It seems that White Hat actually is the new Black Hat, at least in Google's case, and while I do not approve of questionable SEO techniques in order to gain an edge as far as organic results are concerned, you have to be practical and weigh pros and cons of continuing white-hat optimization efforts.

Sure, Bing and Yahoo!'s search numbers pale in comparison to Google's but, honestly, they still are HUGE numbers, and their algorithms appear to be "kinder" toward white-hat optimization.

So why is it then that the great majority of SEO "experts" keep pushing Google as the only alternative?

My guess is, for selfish reasons.

Very few SEO "experts" are concerned with helping you become successful. All they great majority really cares about is making money for the services they provide, most of which are nothing more than a big steamy pile of crap.

Are they to blame for this? Not really. They thrive because of what the majority of their clients keep playing the same old "I wanna be #1 on Google" tune.


That song fell off the charts a long time ago.

Start singing—or at least humming—a new tune.

Get serious about doing better on Yahoo! and Bing (the results still are the same, but that may change sooner than later), and make those organic results even better.

I am NOT advocating old black-hat (or any other color, for that matter), techniques, but rather sensible approaches that will help you sell more of the stuff you need to be selling in order to pay the bills and salaries, and keep the doors open.

Many small web store owners are not only wasting time, but also significant resources, fighting a war that was lost a while back, where the only winners were Google and SEO service providers.

As you've probably heard, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results.

Try something different!