Friday, December 5, 2014

Cars I Love: The Sport Speciale by The Creative Workshop

The Sport Speciale. A custom creation by The Creative Workshop. Inspired by the big bore Ferraris, Aston Martins and Maseratis of the 50's and 60’s, it features a Dinan-built 450 hp BMW V12.

Cars I Love are photos of automobiles I find and collect during my journeys around the Interwebs. Whenever possible, I credit the source. —Luis

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Web Wisdom | December 3, 2014

"Seven Dangers to Human Virtue: 
     1. Wealth without work
     2. Pleasure without conscience
     3. Knowledge without character
     4. Business without ethics
     5. Science without humanity
     6. Religion without sacrifice
     7. Politics without principle"

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Auto Dealership Job Hunting

Sometimes one must simplify, and after investing lots of time and effort researching different business opportunities, I said "enough is enough" and decided to apply for a job, instead.

Of course, being a life-long gearhead, the decision was easy; find a job in the automotive industry.

Photo of a 2015 Corvette by Chevrolet
2015 Corvette | Photo by Chevrolet

While looking through jobs offered on, I spotted an ad for a sales position at a large local Chevrolet dealership. I quickly completed the application and attached my resume, not knowing if they would even bother to get back in touch with me.

The very next day my phone rings and it's one of the managers at the dealership. Surprise!

My work history of being self-employed most of my adult life, was sort of an issue, but I told the manager that I thought I would be fine working on a commission-only basis, and having people to report to. So he said to come in the next day to be interviewed by a couple of other executives.

Whether I'm attending a meeting or travelling, for example, I like to give myself plenty of time. So I arrived at the dealership with about thirty minutes to spare. Not a problem. One of the managers welcomed me and we talked for about a half an hour.

Since I am an avid reader, the day before the interviews I read more than two dozen articles on the subject. I like to be as prepared just as I like to be early. So the interview went well.

Actually, it went so well, that the manager asked me if I had the time to do a second interview right away with the sales manager. I was prepared to do both, and that's exactly what happened.

Again, I am not the "typical" applicant, so it seemed they were being very cautious with the interview process. I almost got the impression they did not want to offend me with their questions, so it was an interesting yet pleasant process.

After talking with the second gentleman, he asked if I would be able to come back the next day for an interview with the general manager, so we scheduled a time for a third interview.

That last interview was great. We spoke for more than an hour, and it was a pleasant exchange of information for both sides. He apologetically said he had to ask certain questions about my background which—at least in my case—were not an issue, so we covered everything and at the end, after a tour of the facilities, I asked a few questions of my own.

The last thing was for them to give me the forms for both the background check and the drug screening. As soon as I arrived home I called the number for the firm that conducts the background investigation and did the twenty-minute phone interview so they can do their thing. The following morning I stopped by the lab that does the drug screening, to have that test done.

Once those processes are completed, I am ready to start a second career in the automotive industry as a sales associate. And, to that end, I've already ordered a few books on the subject of selling cars.

So, if everything goes according to plan, I should start training for my new career at the dealership, by mid December, which is less than a month away.

In the meantime I plan to do a lot of reading on the subject, so I can be ready to help people find the right vehicles in Central Florida.