Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Story of the "DUG UP" 1974 Ferrari Dino

According to the story (see the video at the end of this article), the owner of the brand new '74 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS allegedly wanted it stolen and destroyed, so he could collect on the insurance.

But thieves (from 1974 Lost Angeles, CA) apparently were car buffs, too, and they could not bring themselves to taking a chainsaw to tear up the 4-wheel Italian beauty. So... what can a thief—who's also a gearhead—do?

You protect the vehicle with plastic and a few towels. Then you bury it!

When I first saw the LinkedIn post by Karl Pippart III, Founding Owner at Classic Auto Research Service in Chalfont, Pennsylvania, I could not believe it, and then he shared the Jalopnik video below.

So make yourself a fresh cup of coffee (or whatever other beverage you'd like to drink while watching it), and enjoy the story behind the "DUG UP" Ferrari Dino.

Truly worth 20 minutes of your time.