Friday, September 30, 2016

Social Media Traffic Boost

We constantly hear about the effectiveness of social media in many areas, and we hear about it because it's true.

And as long as it is used properly, you can get a healthy traffic boost free of charge.

Without going deep into marketing strategy and ways to increase not only your traffic but also—ideally—revenue, let me show you a simple yet very telling example of how one simple post to a Facebook group I'm a member of, gave one of my blog's posts a heck of a traffic boost in a matter of hours. Fourteen hours, to be exact.

Last evening, at around 8:30 p.m., I posted a direct link to a blog post I had made several months ago. Since I am a Corvette enthusiast, it was related to my 1976 Stingray. I posted that link to the C3 Corvettes group on Facebook which is a public forum for C3 Vette lovers, of which I am a member.

There had been some back-and-forth about the Stingray name earlier, so I thought to share a story I had posted to my blog which was related to the topic. I did not comment directly but rather decided to make a new post altogether.

Since I had to search through older posts to find this particular one, I noticed that it had only captured 22 views since June 27th of this year, which is pathetic. So I decided to do a screen-capture to see if views would go up once I shared the link to the C3 Corvettes group.

This morning, approximately fourteen hours after I posted the link to the C3 Corvettes Facebook group, I checked to see if it had generated any additional traffic, and was pleasantly surprised to see that views had jumped from the original 22 to 257. That's 235 views in a matter of fourteen hours.

That's pretty good for a single post, and I expect readership to that article alone to continue to increase for the next couple of days. This, of course, may also bring new blog readers, so it's a win for me, no matter how I look at it.

My 1976 Corvette blog is a chronicle of work I do to my car. I also post other related items such as photos and videos having to do with the C3 Corvette world, so it's a non-commercial website.

For the business-minded individual hoping to generate traffic and sales from such efforts, the marketing curve can be pretty steep. Not impossible, mind you, but it will be tricky and sort of a mine-field.

That, of course, is a topic for a different article, but the point I think I've illustrated here is that when something is promoted correctly through social media, the results can be significant as well as rewarding.

So put on your marketing thinking cap and figure out a way to generate a free traffic boost through a similar effort.

Thanks for reading.